Overcoming your phobias can be tough and even scary to do on your own, but it’s important to face them head-on in order to lead an emotionally healthy life and fully engage in the world around you.

One way to do that is by working with a professional and personal coach who can help you accomplish your goals in the face of your fears. These are some of the ways in which they can help you work through your phobias.

Identify what reinforces your negative behavior

Do you stay home because you can’t bear dealing with other people or do you avoid certain situations (like going outside) because they bring on panic attacks?

With a professional and personal coach, it’s possible to map out your behavioral patterns. It may be that there are specific triggers that set off these cycles—if so, it’s important for you to identify them.

Acknowledge fear triggers

When your phobia is triggered, whether it’s social anxiety or a fear of snakes, you’re not going to be very receptive when someone says you shouldn’t be afraid.

What people fail to recognize is that fear and an exaggerated flight-or-fight response are hardwired in our brains—and will likely stay there until you train your mind for relaxation. This is where professional and personal coaches help you avoid the triggers and find the strategies to relax in several ways.

Control phobias through hypnosis

Hypnosis is an effective tool to help you overcome phobias because it uses positive affirmations (rather than just telling you why you should stop having a phobia).

By using hypnosis, you’re also able to bypass your conscious mind and go straight for your subconscious mind – which is where all of your fears are stored.

A trained and certified professional and personal coach can help you overcome your phobias easily through hypnosis.

Identify comfortable and safe environments

One method your professional and personal coach may recommend for overcoming fear is exposure therapy, in which you slowly but surely expose yourself to whatever it is that you’re afraid of.

This process often involves starting out in comfortable, safe environments and slowly building your way up from there. Your coach can help you create an action plan for how much exposure you should do each day, as well as check in with you regularly to see how things are going.

Adopt a growth mindset

If you’re suffering from phobia or fear, it’s because your mind isn’t in tune with your body. Phobias are all about thinking, and if you can change how you think about what scares you, then you have an excellent chance at overcoming that fear. A professional and personal coach can help people retrain your mind by changing negative thought patterns into positive ones.


To successfully overcome your phobia you need to change the way you think. A professional and personal coach with skills of hypnosis and mindfulness can help you to make that change.