When you feel trapped with anxiety and depression, it makes your life miserable. Many people feel so deeply depressed that they don’t want to take care of their health or even their careers. To them, everything seems meaningless. If this resonates with you, hypnosis for anxiety and depression is the most effective and safe remedy you can seek.

How Is Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression Better Than Other Therapies?

For people with anxiety and depression, medications and talk therapy are not enough. In fact, medications come with serious side effects. That’s why it is strongly recommended to take depression medications only under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner. On the other hand, most people don’t feel comfortable sharing all their feelings and thoughts with someone else, which means not all issues, associated with anxiety and depression, are addressed during talk therapy.

Since hypnotherapy is natural, drug-free, and doesn’t require you to express every thought and emotion, it is the best alternative to medication, talk therapy, and other modalities. Hypnosis has no side-effect. It is because hypnosis is based on harnessing the power of your subconscious mind and nothing else.

During a hypnosis session, you reprogram your mind with positive suggestions to tackle and handle things that trigger your anxiety or depression.

Typically, your subconscious mind is loaded with negative messages, which often lead to negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, and depression. Thus, it is important to clear out all these negative messages that prevent you from living happily. That’s where you need a certified and experienced hypnotherapist.

A hypnotherapy session is all about managing your thoughts, clearing out negative experiences, beliefs, and emotions, and giving you empowering messages to resolve your problem from the root and not just the symptoms.

It isn’t something that can make you do things against your will. During hypnosis, you are in fact more mindful, and your conscious mind knows what you want to work on. No one can give you a suggestion that your conscious mind is not in complete agreement with. Since it helps resolve the root cause of your anxiety and depression, it actually works more effectively.

Hence, hypnosis for anxiety and depression is a much better alternative to medications and psychotherapy alone.

How many sessions are needed for hypnosis for anxiety and depression?

When it comes to the results of hypnosis for anxiety and depression, the timing is different for everyone. Some people experience greater changes, such as enhanced relaxation, positivity, and feeling of self-control in just a couple of sessions, while others take longer to heal through hypnosis. Usually, it depends on the person and the state of their subconscious. The more negativity a person deals with, the longer it may take to experience the results of hypnosis.

Sometimes, it is necessary for hypnotherapists to clear out past experiences through a process called regression. During this, they will guide you back to the first time a traumatic experience occurred and then help you process it so that you can release it from your subconscious. It is an effective way to feel truly free and happy.

If you are also suffering from anxiety or depression, book a free consultation appointment today for hypnosis for anxiety and depression with Carl Rhoads – a highly experienced and certified hypnotherapist.